About A Mandatory Activity

I’m Amanda, and I put the AMANDA in A MANDAtory Activity (and I like a good bad pun). I run a blog, A Mandatory Activity, focused on baking and crafting for gatherings and gifts! I LOVE making things a little extra special and I love sharing those ideas with you.  

Making people happy makes me happy.  I love adding special touches to holidays and gatherings, and making cards, gifts, and treats.  On my blog, you will find posts and tutorials related to paper projects, cookie and cake decorating, and the occasional crafty experiment and DIY activity.

And because making people happy makes me happy, these activities are my mandatory activities.  When I don’t make time in my life to create something, or explore a new idea, or make a special something for a special someone, there’s something missing for me.  That’s always been the way. 

As part of my gift and craft making for friends and family, I fell in love with making candles and bath products.  Now, I want to share them with you.  A Mandatory Activity sells artisan candles and bath products handcrafted in Maryland.  My candles are hand-poured using 100% soy wax.  Take a look around and find something to love.